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Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities

Corporate Integrity and Compliance

ACI is committed to fostering an organizational environment of compliance and to make all good faith efforts with adherence to all applicable laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures. ACI’s Corporate Integrity and Compliance Program is designed to support adherence to this commitment.

The Corporate Integrity and Compliance Program has been developed to assist all ACI employees, Board Members, and contract providers in complying with ACI’s Code of Ethics, Policies and Procedures, False Claims Act, Anti-kickback Statute, confidentiality laws, and other applicable statutes and regulations. Its primary purpose is to prevent and detect violations, provide a system for reporting compliance concerns, develop corrective actions, ensure that all employees receive appropriate training, and continually monitor compliance.

Because laws and regulations are constantly changing and are sometimes complex, the implementation of an integrity and compliance program cannot guarantee that all issues will be fully addressed. ACI relies on each individual’s integrity and requires each employee to report information concerning possible misconduct. Reports are confidential and no adverse action will be taken against a person due to good faith reporting.


What type of concerns should I report?
You should report the following types of concerns:

    • Improper use of funds
    • Incorrect billing or coding
    • Possible violation of laws or Medicaid rules
    • Probable violation of individual’s rights
    • Conflicts of interest
    • Inappropriate use of ACI property


How do I report a compliance concern?
You can report a compliance concern in a number of different ways.

You may leave a message on ACI’s Compliance line at 1-866-338-1026, ext. 199.  Please provide the following information:

    • Your name and how you can be contacted or indicate that you wish to remain anonymous
    • Person or Program that allegation is against
    • When and where the allegation occurred
    • Who was involved (specific names if you know them)
    • Brief summary of the allegation or incident

In writing:

ACI Compliance Team
8504 Six Forks Rd. Suite 101
Raleigh, NC 27615
Fax: 919-861-2001

By email:

You may make your report online by completing the form at this link: Compliance Report


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